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School Campus

Located in Bari Brahmana, Jammu the school is surrounded by serene atmosphere. The school is one of its kinds to provide a natural, pollution free environment, ideal for learning & building an intellectual mind. The quiet and green neighbourhood ensures that students not only benefit from within the classrooms but also beyond it. The simple yet elegant and beautifully conceived ultra modern building captures the surrounding environment perfectly. A good part of the school campus has been left open for students to play & indulge in cultural activities. Airy, sunny, & spacious, the campus provides ample breathing space for the students. World class education facilities provide an ideal option for desiring quality education.

We firmly believe Rich Harvest School will prepare its pupil for life, providing a lasting frame work for each and every child.

Your child will feel valued and gain confidence, pursuing their individual relent and growing fully as an individual. Enthusiasm, a genuine love of learning, independent habit of work and sense of achievement.

All are benefits of our educational ethos, preparing your child for the challenging life beyond school.


Education is a journey that never ends. In todays changing and increasingly challenging times, Rich Harvest School believes that school should offer an educational framework that is academically rigorous in which the development of analytical and logical skills go hand in hand with the freedom to explore and innovate. The unique student - centric curriculum followed here endeavors' to attain the several education value system, leadership within the community, empowerment, ability to make the right choice, maximizing intelligence potential, balance between creativity and skills and self imposed discipline.

The atmosphere at Rich Harvest School stimulates leadership qualities in students who are shaped into global citizens of purpose with integrity, character, discipline and social conscience.