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Facilities & Infrastructure

The spirit of learning at Rich Harvest School is supported by the hi- tech multimedia center, which houses the expanding school library and the computer lab. The library contains reference books and encyclopedias.

Understanding Keats, Kabir and the Words Worth.

RHS has a ICT lab that has the latest hardware and software with high speed internet connectivity. The school has forged links with leading software company to provide the learning modules designed exclusively for its students. Apart from full fledged ICT labs, RHS has a central library media center with attached digital library that acts as a link between the class learning and follow up activities. This imaginatively designed learning resources center acts as a knowledge hub for the students of different age groups. The center has a vast collection of periodicals, journals, magazines, newsletters, fiction, reference books and volumes of encyclopedia that provide students with opportunities to explore the world of knowledge.

To improve the oral and written communication skills, the school has set up a modern English language laboratory with latest software and hardware.

Interactive Library
Computer Lab
Language Lab

Applying Heart to the art

RHS strongly encourage its students to develop their spirit and enrich their school lives by actively involving in co-curricular and extracurricular club activities. Students find these activities to be very rewarding, memorable, and a valuable part of their overall personal growth.

Primarily, there are two types of club activities - those that are part of the formal curriculum and are compulsory and extracurricular clubs, which are optional. The clubs provide opportunities for students to enjoy their hobbies, improve innate skills, and discipline themselves in the process.

The students of RHS are divided into four houses and several internal competitions and events are conducted in various disciplines to display their skills.

Art Room
Music Room

Following the formula for success


The curriculum at RHS helps the students to develop science skills through keen observation of the life processes, materials and their physical and chemical properties. Practical classes in all the branches of science namely physics, chemistry, life science and mathematics are conducted in specifically designed laboratories under watchful eyes of their teachers. Students are taken out on field trips. Participating in science projects and science exhibitions are an integral part of learning at RHS. Innovatively designed math lab planned at RHS makes learning interesting and simple, banishing the math phobia existing in the minds of many children.

Students who complete the the uniquely designed course curriculum at RHS are ready to take on the systematic education pattern of the higher classes confidently.


The School provides the children with an excellent bus facility which has routes that cover all with stops at regular intervals. The buses are spacious with a capacity to accomodate 50 students in every bus. The teachers ensure discipline in the bus so that the bus rules are not flouted. The school bus drivers are responsible to drop the children at their stops within an hour of the school getting over.

School Transport

RHS Unique Curriculum

The RHS unique curriculum is blend of the best in national curriculum and is aligned to the current understanding of learning and teaching. It facilitates seamless progress from the formative years through schooling to be tertiary education, while ensuring a smooth transition from one curriculum to the other.

The curriculum encourages students to be active learners who explore, understand and participate in the world around them. By being exposed to be a wide variety of disciplines, both cognitive and non cognitive, students are prepared for a well balanced life outside the school.

Smart Class
RHS Unique Curriculum