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From the desk of Chairperson

Mrs. S Charak


Built on a foundation of trust, love, joy and caring for each child, RHS is committed to provide much more than mere transmission of information and skills acquired. True education begins with knowing and understanding the child. We weave a world of sharing, discovering and constructing new hopes and new vistas.

"The teacher should not be a book that is read aloud, the same for everyone, no matter what the student's nature and character. The first duty of the teacher is to help the student to know himself and to discover what he is capable of doing".

I encourage parents to read this prospectus thoroughly and comprehend what RHS is all about. We assure parents that we take care of your child's spiritual, intellectual and physical grow.

"It is by aconstant inner growth that one can find a constant newness and unfailing interest in life. There is no other satisfying way". - Sri Aurobindo

I extend my warm wishes to all at RHS, to continue this journey on the road to excellence. May the sapling grow into a sturdy tree and spread its branches.