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"Those who educate children well are more to be honoured than parents, for those only who gave life , those the art of living well".

We understand the tremendous impact that teachers have on child's growth, development and personalities. To provide our students with an environment in which they can learn uninhibitedly, our teaching community comprises of an electric team of educators with extensive practical experiences. All faculty members are equipped with professional teaching qualifications and have a deep understanding of their subjects and the curricula offered. The faculty at RHS receives regular in- house training to enhance their skills.

The school is affiliated to Central Board of Secondary Education , New Delhi and follows All India curriculum and examination prescribed by the board under the 10+2 system of education educational with Science, Commerce and humanities streams. Curriculum defines what and how much should the students learn at every stage for easy assimilation and application of knowledge,

It's successful implementation ultimately depends upon the quantity and quality of resources available and the methodology adopted for imparting such knowledge .

At RHS formal classroom teaching is supplemented with a plethora of informal academic activities where students freely express and explore, learn from each other through intensive interaction.Play way methods and exposure to a multitude of activities extend the necessary intermixing of skills to the growing children. Ideal teacher student ratio at RHS paves way for individual attention to each pupil in the formative years . Each teacher is a facilitator in the process of transition of children into global citizens.

Co-curricular Programme

Several skills and qualities that are instrumental to a child's holistic development are learnt outside the classroom. The RHS has a mandatory co-curricular programme that fully supports a child's learning process. The programme has five modules, each of which comprises of several activities of different age groups. All students at RHS pursue different activities under each of the modules, based on their interests.

Sports and Games:

Besides nurturing their athletic talents, this module includes a spirit of healthy competition and team work in students. Qualified trainers and coaches monitor the progress of every child, to ensure that they learn, and excel at a wide range of sports and games.

Outdoor Activities:

Outdoor games and activities includes Basketball, Cricket, Volley ball, Kho-Kho, Swimming, Roller Skating, Football.

Indoor Activities:

Indoor activities at school includes Chess and Table Tennis etc.

Performing Arts:

This module allows students to discover and nurture a creative spirit while learning. An involvement in performance Arts helps students to increase academic discipline and provides them with a medium for self expression.


Drums, Guitar, Harmonium, Piano, Singing, Tabla, Synthesizer.

Creative Interests:

Pursuing hobbies and interests is a great way to enhance one's personality and discover hidden talents. The diverse mix of activities under this module ensures that every child finds something that is of interest to him/ her.

Calligraphy, Drawing, Gardening, Needle Work, Origami, Painting, Pottery

Indoor Activity

Service Initiatives

In addition to becoming knowledgeable individuals, it is crucial for children to become responsible adults. Under this module, students are encouraged to put others interests before their own and get involved in selfless service for the benefit of those around them.

Community service, Environmental Protection, Library Assistance, News Board Management, School Magazine.

Co-curricular activities provided at Rich Harvest School aim at the development of multiple skills in students. The child cultivates skills such as leadership and entrepreneurial capability. Inter school competitions expose students to difficult yet real world situations thus training them to become competent individuals. They will be given opportunity for confidence building and improve public speaking skills.

Streching to the fullest Potential

In keeping with the school's mission of imparting holistic education, a well defined sports activity has been weaved into the curriculum. Using the world class infrastructure, committed physical education instructors identify and nurture each child's inherent sporting qualities. Quality training is provided in outdoor sports like Football, Hockey, Cricket, Volleyball, Lawn tennis, Skating & Athletics in the vast playground. The school has a court for students to pursue Tennis, Basketball and a skating ring has been designed for students to train in roller skating. Guest coaches provide special training to students who hold a promise of shaping up into talented sports persons and bring laurels to the institution.